*Please wait for more updates before giving online – we are in the process of updating our PayPal information. Thank you for your patience, and God Bless!*
If you do use this feature, please create a PayPal Account to transfer money directly from your PayPal Account to the LIFEhouse PayPal Account. This avoids paying any extra fees on both ends. Thanks!

Online Giving



We are happy to have this convenient feature available

if you prefer online giving!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can give online?
Anyone with a credit or debit card is able to access online giving to LIFEhouse.
Will I get a receipt? 
Yes, you will receive a receipt via email as long as you include that information on the PayPal form.
Is it safe?
PayPal is a widely recognized, secure and trusted site.
Can I set up automatic giving?
Yes, if you create a PayPal account, you can set up automatic tithing that you can schedule at your convenience through their website.