Our Mission/Vison:


“We want to see people Delivered, Developed, and Deployed as kingdom servants”
1 Peter 2:16

Our Mission is best communicated in the local story of the Resolute ship.

Capt. James Monroe Buddington is best known for his 1855 whaling expedition to the Arctic, where he discovered the Resolute, an English vessel from Sir John Franklin’s expedition, abandoned and stuck in the ice. He freed, sailed it back to New London, restored it, and presented it to Queen Victoria as a gesture of U.S. friendship. When the British retired the ship, Victoria had a desk made from its timber, which was given to Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes.” (Images of America Groton, Carol W. Kimball, James L. Streeter, and Marilyn J. Comrie.)

We will come alongside people who have been abandoned and stuck. We will partner in their restoration and development. We will release them for the Lord’s service and then celebrate their world changing influence.



corevalueimagejpg_edited-1 (2) 

Love – Healthy, caring, genuine relationships.

Service – Everything done for an audience of One and with people in mind.

Freedom – Graciousness, backed up by forgivness.

Worship – Genuine and passionate relationship with God.

Word – Commitment to personal transformation through the daily reading of the Bible.