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Come join us and have a great time at one of the below listed days. Also, if you are new and just want to give Zumba a try, we offer your first lesson FREE! You may also visit us on Facebook, just click here.
Zumba Fitness is not just a latest “It” dance craze of the moment and is not just a fleeting workout routine that all the kids are buying into these days. Zumba is an energetic, infectious, fun-filled medley of dance exercises done to the rhythm of music. It is not surprising that Zumba keeps gaining new followers and aficionados and that it is proving itself to be much more than an overnight trend.
Zumba fitness is an intense cardio workout, masked under the label of being a fun dance party. The health benefits of Zumba are numerous: these dance workouts improve overall physical condition of a person’s body, not to mention, make a person a better dancer. 
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