April 2015

Foundation, Faith & Freedom

“Foundation, Faith & Freedom”

March 2015

The Indwelling Presence of God

“The Indwelling Presence of God”
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Delight Yourself In The Lord

“Delight Yourself In The Lord” 

February 2015

A Time for Everything

“A Time for Everything” 

The Anointing Presence of God

“The Anointing Presence of God”

The Regeneration Presence of God

“The Regeneration Presence of God”

January 2015

Living in the Presence of God

“Living in the Presence of God”

June 2013

A Word from Shane

Jonah: The Last Word

This is the last sermon in the Jonah: A Story of Surrender, for some reason it did record low, therefore you will have to turn your speakers up to hear the sermon.


When Jesus Enters the Room