L.E.A.P. stands for LIFEhouse Education Advancement Program, and it is a ministry directed by Chris Baxter and Pastor Carrie Baxter.
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If you are interested in any of the previously offered classes, please contact Pastor Carrie Baxter at ctbaxtermom@gmail.com to find out the next time they will be offered.
Courses Taught in the Past:

Foundations Courses Foundations Level 1: Knowing God

This class is designed with new believers in mind, but is beneficial for all believers. There is no fee for the class.
Topics Covered:
1) Identity in Christ 2) The Holy Spirit 3) Four Habits of Highly Effective Christians 4) How to Study the Bible
5) Water Baptism
6) Membership
Foundations Level 2: Growing in Godliness
*Pre-requisite: You must have successfully completed Foundations Level 1.*
Topics covered:
Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Formation, Conflict Resolution, Giving, and Serving
This class will also run for 6 weeks at the same time as Level 1.
Foundations Level 3: Growing in Relationship

Foundational basics in understanding of healthy relationships, developing an effective testimony, Biblical authority, understanding Biblical authority, and going deeper into the vision of LIFEhouse. *Prerequisite – Must have successfully completed Foundations Level 1 and Level 2*

Putting Down Roots

A one-day class for those interested in learning more about the history of LIFEhouse, who we are, and what we are about. You will have the opportunity to become a member after the class.

Hospitality Training

A one-day class designed for those interested in hospitality and learning the importance of welcoming people into the church.

What About…?: Questions About the Old Testament
A discussion class about the Old Testament that will explore various questions concerning creation, miraculous events, the prophets, the character of God and other intriguing topics.
Financial Peace University (FPU)

This 9-week course will help you take control of your money and learn how to get financial freedom!

*Fee: $100 for materials only – you can buy directly through the FPU website, or contact Chris Baxter. https://www.daveramsey.com/fpu
Book Study: Draw the Circle

  We will read and discuss Mark Batterson’s book, Draw the Circle: 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting, together. We will also apply it in practical ways during the 40 days of reading the book. *Fee: Materials only – purchase Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson on Amazon or in a bookstore. https://www.amazon.com/Draw-Circle-Day-Prayer-Challenge/dp/0310327121/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503849983&sr=8-1&keywords=draw+the+circle

Work & Learn
Starting Date: Tuesdays August 29, 2017
Time: 7-9pm

This course will be taught by a variety of pastors and human resource professionals. If you are interested past the start date, it’s not to late to sign up! Learn Biblical values, how to choose a career/job, and how to succeed. You will also be partnered with a mentor.

Location: Huntington Street Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, New London, CT 06320
Esther: How to Become a Woman of Purpose

In this 8-week course, we will study the book of Esther and as women we can look to her as a model in finding purpose in our lives.

Ezekiel Part 1: Precepts Workbook Study (ESV)

We will study the book of Ezekiel, and share coffee, tea, fellowship and snacks! We also offer free baby sitting if we know ahead! God appointed Ezekiel as a watchman to warn his people of coming judgment. Seeing visions and performing signs, he called individuals to turn from wickedness to righteousness because God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. How does this message of Ezekiel apply to you? Are you grieved about the sin everywhere you look? Do you long for justice? If you are looking to dig into the word of God, come join our inter-denominational women’s study. The study has homework each week to growth with, then we come together to go over and share what the Holy Spirit has taught us! From baby Christians to those who have walked with the Lord over 50 years, our group of over 25 women is diverse! *Fee: $28 (cover cost of workbook, babysitter and dvd)

Leader Bio: Class co-leaders are Christine Mikkola and Jane Critchett. Christine has been a student of Precepts for over 22 years and a leader, co-leader for over 7. She has been married to Fred for almost 36 years, has 3 grown children and 7+ grandchildren. Jane has been a student and leader, co-leader for over 30 years. Jane is married to Don and they have been married for….ever and have 1 grown son and 3 grandchildren. Please contact Christine if you are interested in joining us at 860-448-3733. Email:
The Seven Motivational Gifts: Definitions and Application to the Body of Christ

Are you struggling to know what your motivational gifts are? Do you want to know more in depth about the gifts God has given you? Are you a leader of a ministry who wants to put together a gift-driven team? This 9-week class is will be taught by Wes Cornish, and is based on 1 Corinthians 12. Each week you will learn about a different motivational gift, and there will be a spiritual motivational gifting test at the end of the course. The goal of the course is to help you understand your spiritual gifting and for you learn how to use it in a practical way as a part of the body of Christ.

LIFEhouse Media 101 Course
Get an overview of everything media-related, including website/app design, sound and powerpoint, newsletter, video, and more! No experience required, and there is no fee. This class is usually offered for 6 weeks. 
Pearl Diving
Dive deeper into spiritual maturity! This class is taught by Senior Pastor Dennis O. Brennan, and there is no fee. 
Advanced Financial Course: A New Perspective of Money
Topics covered:
1) The Creation and Status of Our Economic System
2) Understanding the Financial Crisis Facing Us
3) The Education and Types of Solutions We Need
If you are interested in any of the previously offered classes, please contact Pastor Carrie Baxter to find out the next time they will be offered.